Unusual Cuisine: Deep-Fried Caterpillars “Make a Wonderful Beer Snack”

23 Dec

It tastes like chicken. I wonder how many calories are there in one caterpillar.


imomushi rice 1

Those of you who abhor the very idea of eating food that’s been anywhere near a creepy-crawly may wish to look away now.

Here at RocketNews24 we like to pride ourselves on our willingness to take up unusual food challenges. If we’re not baking Big Mac bread or gorging on bacon, we’re fighting our way through a kilo of curry and rice for your enjoyment. So as soon as word reached Rocket Towers that a nearby restaurant was serving up genuine insect cuisine, our reporter Mr Sato immediately sprang into action and boarded a train to Takadanobaba.

Who’d have thought that deep-fried imomushi (hairless caterpillars or hornworms) could be so delicious that they could bring smiles to our reporter’s face?

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Home Alone

21 Dec

Time check: 10:59pm Status: Hungry. Very hungry. Why is it everyone wants to left me in our house and all of them went to my sister’s house just for a visit? I don’t really care if i was left alone her but the thing is, it’s almost midnight and I’m alone here. Really, it’s not fun to be alone.  

A beginning of a change.

21 Dec

People nowadays are so into social networking sites, but most of them use it for wrong purposes that tend to be boring and not reliable.. And because I’m looking forward for a big change, I hope putting a blog will make a big impact in my life. Talking about improvements (if any), stress about everything, beautiful people I will encounter or encountered, moments that will not soon forget, criticism about something I saw, and STORIES I WILL SOON POST. Simply as a form of freedom of expression. And if possible, I might inspire someone out there, who knows?  🙂 and by the way, Hi reader. 🙂Image